Ping Pong Outdoor

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An outdoor ping pong or table tennis table means it is weather proof.

It can get wet and left out in sun and you don't have to worry about

it getting damaged like an indoor table which has a wood top. An

outdoor ping table is usually  made of a waterproof top, such as

aluminum, melamine, or high pressure laminate top. All of these tops

are weather proof. Different brands use different materials to make

the tops for their ping pong tables so performance and durability

vary drastically between brands. An outdoor table tennis table can be

used indoor as well. Outdoor tables used indoor is generally more

durable because you don't have to worry about people spilling drinks

on the table. Give us a call or come by our store if you have any

questions. An outdoor ping pong table can perform just as well as a

professional quality indoor table if you pick the right now. In

general an outdoor table do cost a little more than an indoor table

due to the cost of the materials used. Our experts can guide you

through which ping pong table is best for your needs. Feel free to

give us a call if you have any questions.