Ping Pong Indoor

Indoor Pong Pong or Table Tennis Tables

We offer a wide range of indoor pong pong or table tennis tables. We

have recreational or professional ITTF approved tables. We have most

of these ping pong tables in stock and ready for delivery! Indoor

ping pong table are made of a wood top which is meant or indoor use

only. It can not get wet or sit out in the sun for a long time. If it

does the top will warp causing the balls to bounce funny. Indoor

tables have different thicknesses when it comes to the thickness of

the wood top. It ranges from 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8" or a full 1"

thick top. Having a thicker top means the ball will bounce faster

giving you a faster play which most advance players prefer. Also,

having a thicker top means the metal frame and legs is thicker and

the table is sturdier. Having a sturdier frame also helps with the

speed of the ball and the longevity of the table. Give us a all if

you need help picking out a table that is best for your family.